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Chris produced creative content in response to a brief, managed client relationships well, delivered work on time, handling the iterative process professionally and worked well with interview subjects

N.B. Chris Bradburn began working with the Great North Museum in February 2020 with a project outline that primarily focused on the museum’s annual exhibitions, which opened on 6 March. Due to the government’s response to the Covid19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of the country only weeks later, the museum closed for what would become the duration of Chris’ project. As with the entire museum team, Chris had to work from home, engaging with content and the wider team remotely. Chris was selected to work with the Great North Museum after a competitive recruitment by Beacon Films. During this process Chris clearly demonstrated his enthusiasm about the art of film production. What really impressed about Chris was his ambition and his understanding of what this opportunity could do for his future career. We were left in no doubt that Chris would work hard and seek to maximise the potential of the placement in terms of expanding his filmmaking skills but also regarding team working and adapting to the demands of a work place and working in a producer/client relationship. The project proposal was initially to create content that focused on the two major exhibitions that the museum had opened in March. Chris began by producing a teaser trailer for the exhibition ‘Other Worlds: the Art of Atomhawk. Having being given a brief by the museum, the process was iterative with dialogue principally between myself, the museum’s communication’s officer and Chris to produce the work. Chris was responsive to feedback and turned around amendments in a timely manner to meet the agreed deadline. Using still images of the artwork on display, Chris was able to produce a trailer that was animated, energetic, and which supported the look and feel of the physical exhibition. His creative editing and music selection enhanced the artworks and was entirely synergistic with the rest of this exhibition project. The next phase of the project was for Chris to produce original filmed content with interviews to provide a ‘behind the scenes’ experience of the exhibitions. The subsequent lockdown made this impossible and Chris had to pivot into creating content remotely. He produced two short films that ‘spotlit’ some of the museum’s collections, recording accompanying online interviews with curators to support still images. In what could have been an extremely stressful (and disappointing) situation for him, Chris adapted extremely well, demonstrating his creativity with limited resource and responding to updated briefs. Again, he engaged in an iterative process with myself as the client, mostly by email, and managed relationships remotely with his interview subjects. His communication at this time was very good and Chris joined with museum colleagues remotely for virtual meetings, integrating himself into team dynamics despite the difficulties of remote engagement that the entire team felt at this time. Chris’ final brief was to support the museum in a request from Newcastle University, who itself was undertaking a major shift to online engagement. The museum was asked to produce an introduction to the museum and key staff members as an introduction to Master students as part of their wider university induction. With easing in lockdown rules Chris was able to meet staff in venue to produce original filmed content and interviews. Having been filmed myself, Chris was professional and understood the demands on people’s time, conducting interviews in an effective and efficient manner with a clear understanding of his goals. In the resulting footage you can see that Chris was able to benefit from the rapport he had created with team members in setting up interviews and making people comfortable. The challenge with this production was that the museum was still closed to the public and Chris had to give a sense of it as a vibrant place where people were welcome. He overcame this with existing footage and a creative and energetic editing approach. The university commented on how well the final result had worked for them. This was a learning experience for Chris and as part of this there were moments of negotiation and feedback that Chris had to consider and respond to. Occasionally this was uncomfortable for him but I was impressed by his propensity to learn from this experience and to respond professionally – his growth –and his willingness to grow and be better – was clearly evident and testament to his ambition to advance his career. This tenacity also proved itself when Chris had to pivot the project and work with limited resource. I was continually impressed by how Chris managed to produce his work and integrate into the team, despite being at distance and dealing with the uncertainty and stress that we were all feeling at that time. He engaged well at team meetings, contributing and asking questions and also joined in with virtual social events with the wider team, which could have been daunting not having spent as much physical time with them as we had hoped.

In summary Chris produced creative content in response to a brief, managed client relationships well, delivered work on time, handling the iterative process professionally and worked well with interview subjects. He proved himself to be ambitious, focused, hardworking, adaptable and a good team player and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Caroline McDonald Executive Manager, Great North Museum 
Hancock Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4PT (0191) 208 6765 | |



I found Chris to be very professional, easy to work with and open to ideas... I would recommend Chris, definitely.

I recently worked with Chris. He filmed and edited three short videos for our Project. I found Chris to be very professional, easy to work with and open to ideas. I don’t think my brief was the easiest to work with and we are so pleased with the end result. I would recommend Chris, definitely.

Steph Walker Area Manager, Project Choice




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