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Bradburn Films video post-production supports the neurodiverse community. Chris editing a video.

About Bradburn Films

Bradburn Films is a video post-production company that champions neurodiversity in our employees. I offer video editing services to the highest standard for use across digital platforms. I specialise in short-form post-production solutions for anything from short social media elements to corporate film. My main client base is with organisations that work with neuro-diverse people (people who are autistic).

Bradburn Films aims to become a renowned filmmaking service in Middlesbrough, and provide original, creative films for small businesses and community groups throughout the UK.

I have an MA in digital filmmaking from Bradford University.





Organisations I work alongside

Filmmaker in Middlesbrough Bradburn Films works with Health Education England

NHS Education England

Project Choice: This organisation provides supported internships for young people with learning disabilities or autism, helping them gain work experience and improve their skills. They provide internships within healthcare roles to help them become ready to take on the working world.

Filmmaker in Middlesbrough Bradburn Films works with Daisy Chain Project

Daisy Chain Project

This group provides support to autistic children and adults, and their families. They host groups and social clubs in the North East for people with a diagnosis of autism. They now run a day centre, a sensory outdoor play area, and some five acres of allotments, giving autistic people the chance to grow their own produce.

I have created and edited some great short films for Daisy Chain, an organisation close to my heart, which supports autistic people and their families, and works with voluntary organisations.

Filmmaker in Middlesbrough Bradburn Films works with Daisy Arts

Daisy Arts

Based in Bishop Auckland, Daisy Art provides art activities and opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Founded by a professional artist, they produce art installations, films, music, and theatre, often in collaboration with other community and voluntary groups.

Filmmaker in Middlesbrough Bradburn Films works with Whippet Up in Redcar

Whippet Up in Redcar

This community organisation uses art and creativity as a means of improving the wellbeing of people who are socially isolated. They host weekly art workshops, with an inclusive atmosphere, to help tackle loneliness and social isolation, and have had a positive impact on many people’s lives.

Bradburn Films has produced video editing work for the Great North Museum Hancock

Filmmaking for the Great North Museum

One of my favourite projects has been to assist the Great North Museum in their video production, showcasing some of their superb exhibits, including the tyrannosaurus rex replica, and their Mithras exhibition, which detailed some of the artefacts left behind by the Romans in the area dedicated to the Persian god, Mithras.

Bradburn Films has produced film work for Atomhawk

Corporate advertising for Atomhawk

Atomhawk are a company of artists and visual developers, and I was involved with their video post-production, compiling a highlights reel of their best work and mission statement, as part of an exhibit at the Great North Museum.

Bradburn Films has produced video post-production work for Atypical Support CIC

Helping Atypical CIC with their work in the neurodiverse community

I also worked with Atypical CIC to produce a series of videos to promote their project Isolation Buster. They needed an autism-friendly Middlesbrough filmmaker to create series of videos showing their work in the community, teaching autistic people and those who are isolated how to fashion garden furniture and art pieces from the flexible and versatile material, how to do photography.

 Filmmaker in Middlesbrough and Newcastle

Durham Enable Part of the Durham City Council

Durham Enable are a service that is a part of the Durham City Council and helps neurodiverse people in County Durham to find work. What they wanted was a film to show how one of their users benefitted from their service and how he has become more independent and has been successful in his new job.



Areas Bradburn Films serves for filmmaking

Tees Valley


County Durham

Bishop Auckland

Tyne and Wear


North and West Yorkshire


Greater Manchester





Bradburn Films collaborators strip 1


Bradburn Films collaborators strip 2

Among my notable clients are Atypical CIC, Atomhawk, and the Great North Museum, for whom I have all produced promotional videos.

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If you are looking to get your business or organisation ‘out there’, contact your local filmmaker in Middlesbrough, Bradburn Films.


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