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Are you looking for an independent filmmaker in Middlesbrough, with an eye for a great shot? Do you need someone with the ability to edit and produce high quality videos? Contact Bradburn Films today. Whether you are a small business looking to produce a promotional video about your work, or a large organisation wanting to showcase a project, Bradburn Films is here to help. My filmmaking enterprise serves Middlesbrough, the North East, and the whole of the UK.

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How My Middlesbrough filmmaking service works

1. Contact

A short chat where you can explain the job you need doing and chat with me about the project.

2. Collecting

Send your video content – images, music, sound tracks, and anything you want to include in the film.

3. Brief

Outline the concept you have in mind, and what you need the video to do


4. Delivery

I will then produce the video, using professional technology and techniques, to a high standard.

5. Revision

We can then revise the video together, ensuring everything you want to be on the video is there.

6. Final delivery

I will edit and produce a final cut, ready for showcasing to the general public!

 Daily fee: £125 for filming and editing 




What I Can Do For You

Promotional film video editing by Bradburn Films.Promotional films

I have a wealth of experience in producing promotional films for organisations, including the Great North Museum, Daisy Chain, and Project Choice. If your organisation is embarking on a new project, and needs a professional and dedicated filmmaker, call me today on 07495 602722.

Commercial video editing by Bradburn Films.Commercials

I have produced a number of effective advertisements for small businesses, companies and studios, including Atomhawk, Whippet Up Redcar, and Sylvan Skills. If your company needs to produce an advertisement, contact Bradburn Films and we can arrange an initial chat about your project.

Corporate style film video editing by Bradburn Films.Corporate-style films

Bradburn Films is happy to film and produce corporate-style advertisements and videos for companies large and small, or even for personal projects. Whether you want to portray an impressive image to your clients, or you are simply wishing to impress your friends with a commercial video, I am here to help.





Why choose Bradburn Films?

Supporting Neurodiversity

I support neurodiversity and specialise in helping customers with autism


I am professional from start to finish – organised, courteous, on time, and calm


Passionate about video editing, with a communicative, and collaborative approach




Bradburn Films collaborators strip 1

Bradburn Films collaborators strip 2



Take your project to the next level with a film or advertisement today. Contact your local Middlesbrough filmmaker, Chris, using the form below to book a consultation.


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:  07495 602722